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Posted 2/21/2012 1:07pm by Josh Bouchard .

Busy weekend, but got a lot done.  Our vacuum woods is now up to speed and producing well.  Our gravity woods (next door neighbor's) will be tapped in this week.  Our buckets are currently being tapped in.  Everything's coming together and our season total is ~2100 gal of sap collected and ~25 gal of exceptional maple syrup produced.  It's been pretty cold the past couple of days, so no sap's been collected, but the extended forecast is looking good for some big runs.  Sap sugar content is starting off low, but it's still early and it may come up.  I have heard that with last season's heavy seed crop, the trees put a lot of their energy into growing seeds than producing sugar.  We'll see by season's end if this holds true.  Last season, we started at about 2.2% sugar and this season we're at 1.8% sugar.  The only downside is we make less syrup per gallon of sap collected, but the reverse osmosis machine helps us out with that.


We'd expect to be boiling most every night this week, so feel free to stop in.

Posted 2/17/2012 12:06pm by Josh Bouchard .

We've officially started maple season and collected, and processed, about 325 gal of sap yesterday.  We ran it through the RO, and was able to fill the evaporator and boil for an hour.  Things are coming together and we're looking forward to a great season.  This season, we're expanding our vacuum woods a little, adding another small woods, and putting out 2-300 buckets. 

We also have a new addition to our family who'll be experiancing her first maple season.  Fortunately our oldest daughter is helping us out cleaning the tanks!

Posted 4/23/2011 6:43pm by Josh Bouchard .

Yesterday, we made maple fudge and it came out as good as we hoped it would.  We will be adding it to our list of products to sell.  We will be selling a 1/4lb package for $4 and a 1/2lb package for $7.50.

Today, we made maple taffy and have some extra.  Please contact us if you're interested.

Posted 4/13/2011 5:03pm by Josh Bouchard .

For everyone looking for it, we have maple cream available at the sugar house.

For anyone interested in maple taffy, we'll be making this in the near future as well.  It's not an item we normally stock, but we will be making enough for any orders we get plus a little extra.  If you're interested in some, please give us a call (664-2401) or email ( and let us know how much you want and in what sizes.  We'll be packaging it in 3oz, 8oz, and 16oz jars.

We're also going to be experimenting in maple fudge and maple nuts.  I had some maple fudge at a maple conference I went to over the winter and it may have been the best thing I've had.  Stay tuned.

Posted 4/11/2011 12:06pm by Josh Bouchard .

The season is officially over and we're now in cleanup mode.  We've had an exceptional season which lasted 7.5 weeks, collected about 20,000 gal of sap, and made over 400 gal of syrup...these numbers are astounding and are much higher than my expectations.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by the sugar house.  We had a great time and are happy to meet so many people.

Over the weekend, we had time to make a batch of maple candy and it's now ready for sale.  We'll be making maple cream and it'll be ready at the sugar house for this weekend.

Now the season's over, we do not have set hours.  Anyone intersted in stopping by is more than welcome to, but it's always better to call ahead to make sure we're home at 664-2401.  We have plenty of syrup and will be selling it year round from the sugar house and Warren Farm.  We will also have maple cream and candy and may experiment with other maple products...maple nuts come to mind. 

We're already thinking ahead to next season and would like to expand again.  If anyone knows of a sugar bush, please contact us and let us know.

Posted 4/6/2011 11:42am by Josh Bouchard .

For anyone interested, we are now making end of season Grade B.  This has a good, strong flavor to it.

I'm not sure how much longer the season will last, but I've been saying this for a couple of weeks now.  We're still getting sap and I'd expect it through this week.  I think we're close to 350 gallon of syrup produced this year and if we can keep going we might hit 400 gal.  This is a big jump up from last year's 83 gallon season.

Posted 4/3/2011 7:23am by Josh Bouchard .

We started making a good, strong tasting Grade B on Friday night for anyone who's interested.  We made 7.5 gal then and probably about the same yesterday. 

We have 500 gal to start the day today and whatever else is in the woods tank.  Depending on how much is in the woods tank will dictate when we start boiling, but I'd expect to be some time this afternoon.  We'll be open all day for tours and sales with the evaporator running later today.

Looking at the extended forecast, I don't know how much longer we'll go.  It's been a great, long season.

Posted 4/1/2011 9:29am by Josh Bouchard .

Who would've thought we'd get this in April.  Power's out at the house and the woods so I'm not expecting much for sap production today, so at this point I'm not expecting to be boiling tomorrow.  The sugar house will be open for tours and sales though.

The weather has cooperated all week and we've been getting 1000 gal of sap every day this week and I think we made another 60 gal this week alone.  We have plenty of syrup and are having a great year...really couldn't have asked for a better March.  The weather has stayed cold enough so we're still making a dark amber syrup.  Hopefully for everyone looking for Grade B syrup, we'll start making it soon.

Posted 3/29/2011 12:40pm by Josh Bouchard .

Now that it looks like the artic blast has worked its way through, we should be getting plenty of sap through this weekend.  Looking at the long range forecast, I don't see any reason why we'll be stopping any time soon.  The end of the week and into the weekend look great for some 24/7 sap runs...nights almost getting to freezing and day time temps not getting too high which would cause the trees to think about shutting down.  Lets see if we can finish the season strong.

The last batch of syrup we made was borderline Grade B.  I'm not sure if we'll dip to a B this week or not, but I'll keep everyone posted when we do.

Posted 3/26/2011 1:30pm by Josh Bouchard .

It got pretty cold  last night and not very warm today.  Yesterday we picked up a 500 gal load which gave us enough to get the RO running this morning.  We also picked up another 150 gal this morning (carryover from yesterday).  We got a pretty cold start this morning so the trees didn't start running until sometime early afternoon...surprised we're getting anything at all with how the wind feels. Because of today's temps, I'm not expecting much of a run today and I think tomorrow's sap run will get a late start.  I'm not expecting to get enough sap to start boiling until sometime late afternoon.  If anyone's interested in stopping in to watch us boil, I would call ahead and we'll have a better idea tomorrow. 

The sugarhouse will be open all day for tours.