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Posted 3/9/2013 1:05pm by Josh Bouchard .

It looks like we'll be getting a flood of sap this weekend!  We are anticipating getting over 2,000 gallons of sap each day!  Our season is going very smoothly and we have produced over 200 gallons of syrup so far, which is almost what we made all of last year.    We are still boiling every night, so feel free to stop by and see us in action and taste some syrup.

Posted 2/28/2013 12:29pm by Josh Bouchard .

The season's still early, but we've been getting some pretty good runs this week.  We boiled 700 gallons on Monday night and another 500 gallons Tuesday night.  The sap ran surprisingly well yesterday and last night, so our sap tank was already 1/2 full this morning.  Today should be a great day (temp's in the low 40's), and same with tomorrow.  We'll be boiling a lot of sap down tonight, and likely tomorrow night, so stop on in if you're interested.  The sap should run good on Saturday, and because of the UNH hockey game Saturday night (Isabella's favorite team), we'll be boiling in the late afternoon if we have enough sap.

Posted 2/22/2013 7:37pm by Josh Bouchard .

It's been cold this week, and the trees haven't wanted to release their sweet juice.  We got some trickling runs in early this week and was able to collect 525 gallons on Wednesday.  We sent it through the evaporator and made some great tasting syrup.

Today was cold, but the sap was still running in parts of our woods, probably got 200 gallons today.  This isn't enough to boil, but we have a big block of frozen sap still in our woods tank to keep it nice and cold.  The sap should run good tomorrow, and it looks like most of tomorrow night.  Who knows, we may get a good run on Sunday while it's snowing out.

This weekend, we may boil tomorrow night, or hold it over and boil on Sunday during the storm.  Anybody's welcome to stop over whenever we're boiling (even at night), just call ahead to find out what time we're lighting the match.

Have a good weekend.

Posted 2/18/2013 11:27am by Josh Bouchard .

We boiled our first batch of sap yesterday and were able to sweeten the pans plus make ~4 gallons of syrup.  We tapped Thursday and Friday and currently have about 800 taps online with another 75+ to go.  We can feel it, it's going to be a big's cold and we have snow.

In January, we were awarded 1st place for the best syrup in the State of NH!  Sweet!

We should get a run tomorrow and Friday...we'll see what this weekend brings us.

Posted 3/24/2012 4:52pm by Josh Bouchard .

We, and the fire department, had a great turnout today.  We met a lot of new people today and saw many familiar faces.  Thanks to everyone who supported us.

Today, we offered samples of maple hot dogs and maple meatballs.  These were a big hit with many asking for the recipe.  We've uploaded the recipes and they can be found here, among many others.  Over the next week or so, we'll be adding to the recipes, so make sure you check back in.

We currently do not have any maple taffy in stock.  Like last year, we will be taking orders for it and will have them filled shortly after maple weekend.  If you would like some (or if there's another maple product you're looking for), send us an email or give us a call, and we'll see if we can make it for you.

We'll be open for tours and samples tomorrow from 9-3, so we'll see you then.

Posted 3/19/2012 10:25am by Josh Bouchard .

We're still chugging along here.  Last week, we got 0.5 gallons of sap per tap, and with the weekend's colder night temps, we were able to get 2/3-3/4gpt which is great.  We'll get enough sap here to boil tonight, but the trees will likely shutdown for this heat wave coming through.  Fortunately though, we have a cold snap coming in right behind it and it may kick the trees back into gear, so the sap may be running again for this weekend.  We're crossing our fingers that we can make it into next week.

Considering the weather we've had this spring, we're actually having a pretty good season and still making syrup which is a bonus.

Posted 3/14/2012 1:34pm by Josh Bouchard .

We made the Portsmouth Herald today and Mrs. Collins did a great job on the article!  You can check it out here.

We had a huge run on Monday and processed 1700 gal of sap into about 30 gallons of syrup, in a single night!  Great day.  Season total is now over 200 gal of syrup produced and we're approaching our sap production goal of 25 gal per tap.

Even though we haven't had any freezing nights the past few nights, the vacuum pump is really saving us and keeping the trees running.  The vacuum pump is creating the pressure difference needed between the internal tree pressure and the barometric pressure to allow the trees to run, and with the trees running 24 hrs per day, we're still getting good overall sap production from the trees.  Yesterday was surpisingly better than 1 gallon of sap per tap, which is a pretty good day.

Hopefully we get enough of a temperature swing, or even a dip below freezing, to kick the trees back into high gear.

Posted 3/12/2012 9:42am by Josh Bouchard .

We made it through the Sap Flood of 2012 and managed to stay above water with minimal sleep.  We processed over 2500 gal of sap over those two days and the RO machine ran almost 24/7 for three days.  With the cold nights over the weekend, the trees ran well Saturday and Sunday, and actually ran most of last night, so we're in for a good day today.

We started the season making a light medium amber, then we made a lot of a light dark amber, and with the recent warm weather, we started making Grade B on Saturday.    The flavor this season has been great and I hope we can get a couple more weeks out of it.

We also wanted to thank everyone who stopped by over the weekend and watched us boil at night.  We met some great people and had good company.

Posted 3/9/2012 10:43am by Josh Bouchard .

We're currently experiancing the Flood of 2012.  Sap is coming out of everywhere!  Fortunately, the RO machine is working overtime and we're keeping ahead of it.  We usually start off March with a phenomenal run, but this is better than usual.  We're continuing our strong start to the season and hopefully it continues. 

With all this sap, we'll be boiling a lot tonight and Saturday and Sunday it should run good as well.  Stop in and watch us in action.

Posted 2/28/2012 11:56am by Josh Bouchard .

Well, off to a good start.  We've made about 60 gal of syrup and have processed ~4500 gal of sap so far this year, but it's going to be cold this week, so we will not make too much.  This weekend's looking promising with a warm rainy day on Saturday....this usually means big sap runs.  We generally get a day like this in early March and it's right on schedule.  Sap sugar content is still above 2%.