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Posted 3/7/2014 11:10am by Josh Bouchard .

Finally on the warm side of this polar vortex, and it'll be above freezing during the day for 4-5 days, so the sap will start running again. The season's starting about on schedule, just getting off to a colder start than normal. The conditions are actually similar to the 2011 season when it was the best year on record. We're starting about the same time, have a good snow pack, and accuweather's forecast is showing favorable weather through mid-April.  

Sap should run good over the weekend, and we should be boiling Saturday and Sunday nights. Anyone's welcome to stop by and watch us make some syrup. We'll also be open during the for tours.

Posted 2/25/2014 7:39am by Josh Bouchard .

The sap ran quite well over the weekend and we collected 1000 gallons of sap both Saturday and Sunday.  We were able to boil both nights and tested the new equipment to make about 20 gal of syrup so far.  Everything went pretty good for the first boil of the year.  Some friends came over Sunday night and boiled with us and we had a good time.

The long range forecast is looking frigid.  We don't see any potential for a run until sometime next week.  This gives us some time to wrap up some things and get ready for the season to really start.

Posted 2/21/2014 11:08am by Josh Bouchard .

Sap's running, not great, but it's running.  The trees are still pretty well frozen, so it'll take a bit for them to thaw out.  We'll have enough sap to boil either tonight or tomorrow and maybe again Sunday before things freeze up again.

Posted 2/18/2014 1:07pm by Josh Bouchard .

We got tapped in over President's Day weekend.  We currently have about 850 taps online and will be adding more this weekend.  It was a long weekend with the snow being almost knee high and the nice ice crust to break through with every single step, but we got it done.

Weather's looking excellent for good sap runs this week.  We'll see if the trees can get thawed out in time.  The snow cover's good because it keeps the ground and tree roots from freezing, it keeps the woods colder longer, and it adds moisture to the ground as it thaws out.

Stay tuned.


Posted 4/4/2013 1:19pm by Josh Bouchard .

Haven't updated our blog in a bit, but we're still getting sap from our vacuum woods.  Unfortunately, last week's warm weather shut down the gravity taps that we have.  The sap sugar content is pretty low, so our ratio is about 1.1.  It takes a lot more sap now to make a little syrup, but fortunately we have the reverse osmosis machine to take a lot of the water out so the ratio is about 6:1 when we boil it...much better.  Not sure how much longer the sap will run, but we'll take it as long as it comes.

Overall, we're having a good year.  We've reached our syrup  production goal for the year, so any more that we get is a bonus.

Posted 3/27/2013 11:47am by Josh Bouchard .

Been having some good runs the past few days, but we think it's been too nice for the trees to run real well.  Trees run on the pressure difference between the barometric pressure and the internal tree pressure.  The greater the pressure difference, the better the trees will run.  The past couple days have been real nice with no clouds...high front = high barometric pressure, so the trees don't run well.  The extended forecast isn't showing many freezing nights, but we should still get some good sap runs, and there's no sign of the peepers yet.  Still plenty of maple season left!

Posted 3/24/2013 8:04pm by Josh Bouchard .

Maple Weekend's over and we had a great weekend!  Thanks to everyone who came to visit us and we hope everyone had a great time and enjoyed our sugarhouse.  We were able to see the familiar faces of our regulars, and were able to meet a lot of new people.

Fortunately, the cold weather left us in time for us to get good sap runs for the weekend.  We had a good run on Friday, and great runs on Saturday and Sunday.  Over the weekend, were able to show people how we made syrup and made another 50+ gallons.

Thanks again to everyone and stay tuned to see how the rest of our season goes.  Looking at the forecast, we should be getting good sap runs for the next two weeks.

Posted 3/21/2013 11:24am by Josh Bouchard .

Still too cold, which is better than too warm.  It's given us a break from boiling, but when you boil every night, you get into a good rhythm.  The timing's good because it's given us some time to get things ready for Maple Weekend.  Looking at the forecast, the trees will start to run well again this weekend and we should make it well into April.

As a reminder, this weekend is our big Open House.  We'll be open from 8-4 on Saturday and 9-3 on Sunday.  Also, the Barrington Fire Department will be having their annual pancake breakfast fundraiser.

Looking forward to seeing you all this weekend!

Posted 3/19/2013 9:38am by Josh Bouchard .

After a strong start to the season with ideal weather conditions, it's been cold most of the past week, and the trees have temporarily shut down.  Just think, last year it was mid-80's and we were done for the year.  Right now, we're lucky if we can get above freezing!


We've been getting a little bit of sap here and there, but not much.  We were able to collect enough over a few days to boil for a little bit on Sunday, and we've been able to collect enough since to be able to boil again tonight.  The extended forecast looks great to keep us running very strong through the end of March and into April. 


Here's to a strong finish to the season!

Posted 3/12/2013 9:19am by Josh Bouchard .

We processed over 3500 gal of sap over the weekend to make more than 60 gallons of syrup and have now blown our totals from last year out of the water!  The weather looks good for the near future and we are planning on boiling ever night this week.

Also, a quick reminder that Maple Weekend is coming up March 23rd and 24th.  We will be open on Saturday from 8am to 4pm and the Barrington Fire Department will be hosting their annual pancake breakfast using our syrup on Saturday only.  They are located across the street from us.  Sunday we will be open from 9am-3pm.  We hope to see many familiar faces and lots of new ones too!