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Posted 2/23/2016 7:13am by Josh Bouchard .

Sunday and Monday nights, we had our first two boils of the season.  The first one is always pretty hectic getting everything back in order, but overall, it went pretty smoothly.  We made about 15 gal of an Amber/Dark syrup with a great flavor.  The woods are all tapped in as of Sunday morning, and we brought home almost 1500 gal of sap during the day Sunday and another 1000 gal on Monday.  We're off to a good start to the season, and we hope it's a good one!

Posted 11/8/2015 9:14pm by Josh Bouchard .

Hi Everyone,

Hope everything going well for you all. We’re doing great and having a great year.  We just had Isabella’s 10th birthday party this weekend.  Danielle’s and Nic’s parties will be next month and they’ll be 4 and 2, respectively. Wow does time fly.  Kids are doing good, except for since school’s started, at least one person’s been sick in the house…ugggh.

The Barrington Fire Department is having a fall pancake breakfast fundraiser on Saturday November 14th from 7:30 to 11am.  The breakfast during maple Weekend is such a hit, we’ve decided to have another in the fall.  Please stop in to support your local fire department and spread the word!

The girls (bees) really worked hard this summer and gave us our best honey crop by a significant margin. Not sure what was different about this year, but we’ll take it! We have honey for sale now and should have it through till next spring at least.  We carry ½ pints, pints, and quarts.  We extract the honey without heating it, so it retains all the good stuff that nature intended.

It’s the holiday season and maple syrup (and maple products) make excellent holiday gifts. We’ve got our standard NH plastic container, as well as some nice looking glass. In case anyone missed it, over the summer, we won first place in an International syrup competition for our Dark, Robust syrup. Over the holiday season, we’re going to be at the Barrington Friends of Music Craft Fair (November 14th), the Greenland Women’s Club Pie Festival (November 22nd), and the Barrington Christmas Soiree (December 4th).

And as always, here are some great recipes to make with maple syrup. We grow acorn squash in our garden, and baked acorn squash is a big hit.  Very popular for Thanksgiving dinner is Lisa’s maple squash bisque made with our own maple syrup and squash grown in the garden.

If you want to stop in, we recommend calling ahead (603-664-2401) or emailing us ( to make sure we’ll be home.

Happy Holidays and we’ll see you soon!

Josh, Lisa, Isabella, Danielle, and Nicolas

Posted 4/29/2015 9:25pm by Josh Bouchard .

Good season overall.  452 gallons of syrup made from about 23,000 gallons of sap.

A couple of UNH Journalism Majors at UNH asked to create a documentary about our maple farm.  They did a create job condensing hours of video into a short video.  Click on the link below and enjoy the video.

Spring Harvest Video

Already thinking ahead to, and getting ready for, next season.

Posted 4/13/2015 6:58am by Josh Bouchard .

Hi Everyone.  We've been so busy making syrup that we've forgotten to update our blog post.  It's been pouring sap since we lasted updated.  Every day we've been processing at least 1000 gal of sap per day, sometimes as much as 2000+ gallons.  We've been making lots of syrup, and even with these warm temps, we're still getting sap!  It was almost 70 yesterday and it still ran pretty good, and we got a freeze last night, so we're expecting the same today.  There even forecast another freeze on Wednesday night, so maybe we can keep going through the week?? 

Considering how warm it's been, our syrup hasn't darkened that much.  For about a week now, we've been making syrup that's a strong dark to light very dark (Grade B) depending on the day.

Enjoy this nice, warm weather...we are to a point :)

Posted 4/4/2015 7:43pm by Josh Bouchard .

Sap is running great all week.  Yesterday was a big day.  2300 gallons of sap turned into almost 50 gallons of syrup!  Big night at Spring Harvest.  Late night too.  Sleep has been optional this week, but syrup is getting made.  Even without a freeze in two nights, the trees ran surprisingly well today.  Another 1000 gallons of sap at the house and likely another 1000+ more tomorrow.  Another big day.

This coming week is still looking good.  The long range forecast is showing freezing nights and warm days through to next weekend.

Posted 3/31/2015 11:55am by Josh Bouchard .

Yesterday just wouldn't warm up, and we had flurries most of the day, but once the trees started running, they ran the hardest I'd seen them all season.  We boiled last night and made about 15 more gallons of syrup and now have a little bit of Very Dark, Strong (the old Grade B standard) on the shelves for sale.  Halfway through the boil though, the grade came back up, and we're back into the Dark, Robust grade of syrup.  

Sap is running great today.  We brought home 400 gal this morning to make room in the tank for today's run. We should bring home maybe another 1000 gal this afternoon and have another 600+ gallons delivered from my friends. Should be a big day, and a long night.  Even making 12 gph of syrup, it'll take a while to get through this much sap.

Posted 3/29/2015 6:31pm by Josh Bouchard .

We had a great maple weekend!  We had a great turnout yesterday considering the fine spring weather we had...  Today was much nicer and had a great turnout too.  We got to see many familiar faces, some of which have been with us since the start of it all. The maple pudding was a huuuge hit. We were giving out samples almost as fast as we could make it. For anyone who didn't try it, we highly recommend it and the recipe can be found in our "Cooking with Maple" page. We also a friend who's going to make the maple pudding into a pie by putting it into a pie crust and serving it with maple whipped cream and walnuts...can never have too much maple!

The fire department had an amazing weekend.  Yesterday they were making pancakes as fast as they could and still had a line out the door!  Spring Harvest and the Fire Dept. are very appreciative of the support we receive from the local community during our open house and pancake breakfast. Thank you.

On a sugaring note, we had a good freeze last night, and after things warmed up today, the sap ran really well. We already have about 800 gal of sap sitting at the sugarhouse ready to be boiled tomorrow night.  The weather this week is looking primo for syrup production. Hopefully the forecast sticks.

Posted 3/27/2015 9:03pm by Josh Bouchard .

So we went from not getting any sap because it was so cold out, to not having a freeze for three nights.  We really need those freezing nights and warm days to get those nice hard sap runs from the trees.  Thankfully, we do have the vacuum pump, and it's helping to keep the trees running.  We were able to bring home 500 gal of sap yesterday and had another 500 gal delivered.  Today is almost another 900 gal. We're holding this over to have sap to boil tomorrow for Maple Weekend.  Syrup total so far this year is about 120 gal.

After a long day, we're all ready for our big open house and the shelves are stocked full of syrup and confections.  Looking forward to seeing you all this weekend, and enjoy the pancake breakfast at the Barrington Fire Department!

Posted 3/26/2015 10:15am by Josh Bouchard .

The weather's finally taking a turn in the right direction, and it looks like it's going to stick around this time...finally!  We had a decent day yesterday considering most of the trees are still froze up.  it's going to take another day or so for the trees to thaw out and really start producing sap. 

Yesterday, we were able to bring home 850 gallons sap and made about 20 gallons of syrup last night.  it didn't freeze last night, so we woke up to another 3-400 gallons in the tank this morning...great way to start the day!

There's also a great article about us in today's Union Leader.  Check it out.

Posted 3/20/2015 10:11am by Josh Bouchard .

We had an interview a couple weekends ago with The Sound newspaper, a local Seacoast paper.  They did a great article on us last week.  Take a read.

They also interviewed Breara Irish Brewery, a local brewery in Portsmouth that started last year, and it's really taking off.  They're using our syrup in their maple wheat bear.  Be sure to try it out!

and the link below for their website.