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Posted 3/19/2018 7:54am by Josh Bouchard .

Last week was pretty busy.  Sap ran well Wednesday and Thursday, and completely unexpectedly on Friday.  I held some of Thursday's sap over for a boil Friday night and it kinda backfired on my because the sap ran really well.  I was planning on boiling about 1600 gal of sap Friday night (manageable) but ended up with 2600 gal of sap (not really manageable).  It took the RO machine 7 hrs to work it's magic, so I didn't start the evaporator up until 11pm and didn't finish boiling until 4am and in bed at 5:30.  A late night, but it was worth it. Made over 50 gal of syrup in one night!  First time ever.  Sometimes sleep is optional during maple season.

Those warm temps in February had us making very dark syrup back then, but with how cold it's been, I'm almost back into an amber, rich.  In February, I never would've figured it'd be this cold, and the grade would've come back like it did.

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