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Still Going!

Posted 3/29/2016 8:59pm by Josh Bouchard .

Really can't believe that we are still going.  With as warm as this winter's been, and in particular early to mid-March, I was thinking during maple weekend that our maple season was going to be over that week. Well, it's one and a half weeks later, and we're still making syrup!  Since Maple Weekend, the weather's been very seasonable, and we're back into the cold nights and warm days.  Sap flows aren't great, but it's still coming.  This past week, we've been making Very Dark, Strong flavored syrup that'll put hair on your chest.  Good stuff with a bold flavor.

So, I just learned something this week about why the syrup doesn't taste at the very end of the season.  When the leaf buds break open and flower, they emit amino acids into the sap, which changes the sap chemistry, and makes bad tasting syrup.  Something else that's interesting is if the trees start to bud, and it gets cold again, the bud development stops, and with it the release of amino acids, so the syrup tastes good again.  The buds on most of the reds still haven't popped, so we're still making good flavored syrup.  Also, the peepers aren't out yet, so maple season can't' be over, right!

Also, during Maple Weekend, a lot of people were asking about Breara Irish Brewing Co. and the Maple Wheat beer that they make using our syrup.  Below is a link to their website where you can get more information.  You can find their beers at their taproom on Rt. 1 in Portsmouth next to the new Beach Plum location, and at many area restaurants and stores.  Enjoy!

Breara Irish Brewing Company