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Maple Weekend 2016

Posted 3/21/2016 6:31pm by Josh Bouchard .

We wanted to thank everyone that visited our sugarhouse over the weekend.  We had a great turnout on both days and met a lot of new people and saw many familiar faces.  We had a great time talking with people and showing everyone what we do to make our award winning syrup! 

We also wanted to thank all of our family and friends that help us out during the maple season and Maple Weekend.  We wouldn't be able to have the event that we do without their help.

At the end of Maple Weekend, we got a visit from Ron and AJ of Fosters Daily Democrat.  Thanks to Mr. Barrington and the Do-Gooders Committee for the recognition for winning the International syrup award and for giving Fosters a call.  Foster's had a great article on us in today's paper, and you can read it in this link.

Sap's still running. This cold weather's brought the trees back into a good production mode and the sap picked up some sugar as well.  Based on the forecast, we'll keep making syrup through this weekend and should into next week some time.